There are several capsules, which demands very high precision during filling the capsule, and to meet such a demand we as a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of all types of powder filling machine from India have fabricated Semi Automatic Capsule filling machine to meet the precision manufacturing need of modern pharmaceutical processes. Our Semi Automatic Capsule filling machine provides a high degree of precision along with the efficiency, is ideal for filling powder, granules as well as pellets and suitable for filling 0, 1, 2 sized capsules. The output of the capsule filling machine is solely based upon the size of capsules to be filled and can be converted into the capsule filling line by connecting Capsule Conveying System, Capsule Polishing Machine, Dust Extractor, Damage Capsule Sorter and Empty Capsule Ejector.

To ensure anti rust, we utilize stainless steel that are contacting to the filling substance and to ensure defined filling we adhere to the GMP and ISO standards during fabrication of the Semi Automatic Capsule filling machine.

➣ Customization option is available for Semi Automatic Capsule filling machine

Semi Automatic Capsule filling machine is an ideal choice for: Application area of Semi Automatic Capsule filling machine:
Pharmaceutical industries
other allied industries

➣ Prominent features of Semi Automatic Capsule filling machine:

  • PLS system is embedded with the machine with visual display
  • Lower changeover time
  • Easy to operate, can be operated by one operator
  • compact and easy to clean
  • auger is used to fill various type of powder
  • drives are used for adjust variable frequency

➣ Technical parameter of Semi Automatic Capsule filling machine:

Machine dimension 1200 x 700x 1600mm
Net weight 600 kg
Number of Holes/Ring Size 00: 120
Production Output 6,000 to 12,000 capsules/hour
Vacuum Pump / Vacuum 1.00 H.P
Compressed Air 200 Liters/minute
Power 40 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz

Note: Our broad range of filling machine is made in India by considering the diversified need of assorted industries, and is available in varied aspects in terms of price, productivity, maintenance efficiency and specific aspects from client side. To get the absolute support for indentifying, which is an ideal filling machine for you, feel free to call us on Mobile: +91 98983 79009 Or Telephone: +91-79-2584 1701 / 40084325