There are several industries which demand précised weight filling along with the accurate filling of the powder, due to the high cost of the content filled in the containers or for processing accurate weight packaging of the powder. We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of all types of powder filling machine from India carry out the cutting edge solution to match the exact need of the customers by introducing Net weight powder filling machine which is an electronic net weight filling ensures that  our filling machine keep true weight under each station throughout the operation. The core benefit of our net weight powder filling machine is, it provides higher degree of weight precision, in contrast to the volumetric system.

We ensure the précised weight result and smooth operation of the Net weight powder filling machine by following the ISO and GMP standards during fabrication and performing austere testing of the machine after the fabrication has been completed.

During the operation in the Net weight powder filling machine

  • The incoming sterilized dry bottle is fed by the infeed turn table on moving conveyor belt at the desired speed for feeding.
  • The Net weight powder filling machine is pre set with the weight of the dispensed material.
  • The net weigh powder filling machine can be equipped with any type of the powder filling machine.
  • The net weight filler dispenses the specified weight of material at once to the respective nozzle, counter screws are used to feed powder through nozzle and to prevent the powder from bridging.
  • If the load failure occurs, the process still continue with the aid of the time and volume contained in the control of the servo motor, until the weigh cell can be replaced.
  • All other operation of the machine is based upon the machine used for powder filling.

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