Vial is also known as flacon or phial is a small glass or plastic bottle, used to store medication powders and capsule. To protect the powder or capsule filled in the vial demands tight closing of the head, which is achieved by rubber stoppering. We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the all types of powder filling machine from India have carried out high speed injectable powder filling with stoppering machine at leading rate in the allied industry. The core benefit of the injectable powder filling with stoppering machine is; it prevents the powder filled into the vial by closing it straight away after filling process is accomplished and is widely used to fill two different products in one vial or to fill double dosing product at the filling capacity of 250 vial/ minute.

We ensure the high speed result and accurate processing of the Injectable Powder Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine by following the ISO and GMP standards during fabrication and performing stern testing of the machine after the production has been completed.

During the operation in the Injectable Powder Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine:

  • The sterilized vials are fed through unsrambler on the moving flat belt at the required speed
  • The powder is stored in two powder hopper agitated by pair of mechanical agitators to ensure consistency of bulk density
  • The filling is achieved by the vacuum and air system
  • precise volume of powder is sucked into the port of powder wheel according the length of the piston
  • doctor blade is used to remove the extra powder filled in the vial
  • Embedded blower used to clear the powder from the port of powder wheel
  • machine fills first two row of vial in double track in preliminary filling station for x product
  • After the x product filled, vial will be separated on conveyor by vial separator and now vial moves towards Y product
  • After the y product filled, vial will be separated on conveyor by another vial separator
  • All the vial are submerged in single row for rubber stoppering operation
  • with the use of the vibrator bowl, rubber stopper moves towards rubber stopper chute
    the vial is hold by the pair of belt to pickup rubber stopper from exit end of the chute
  • furthermore, the vials are moved between two pressing rollers used to press the rubber stopper
  • Once the operation is accomplished, vial will be collected into the scrambler and move forward for next operation.

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