The viscosity of any fluid defines its resistance to gradual deformation by tensile stress or shear stress, by considering an imperative aspect of the fluid, we as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of all types of liquid filling machine have configured high viscosity liquid filling machine to provide an absolute solution for filling inclusive range of high viscosity liquid such as Creams, Pre-cooked curries, Lotions, Masala Pastes and Pickles.

The machine is made under the austere inspection of the product engineers to ensure the defect free end product, manufactured using the highe graded stainless steel material to compliance with the anti rust requirement of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, oil, chemical and other allied industries.  The filling machine manufacturer is a piston type dosing pump control automatic line work, wherein the filling head of our high viscosity liquid filling machine is equipped with the anti leakage and anti pull device to ensure high filling accuracy and reduce the wastage of expensive filling substance.

➣ Customization option is available for High Viscosity Liquid filling machine

High Viscosity Liquid filling machine is an ideal choice for: Application area of High Viscosity Liquid filling machine:
Pre-cooked curries
Masala Pastes
analogous products
Pharmaceutical industries
Food Industries
other allied industries
Machine dimension 2000 x 800 x1600 mm
Machine Weight 260Kg
Filling heads 2,4,6,8,10,12
Filling volume 1-50ml, 5-200ml, 5-300ml, 5-500ml, 50-1000ml
Filling Accuracy ± 0.8%
Power supply 220V 1.1Kw
Power usage 0.1m3/min 0.4MPa

Note: The machine is an ideal for all types of bottles and filling volume of the High Viscosity Liquid filling machine is adjustable.

Note: Our broad range of filling machines are made by considering the diversified need of assorted industries, and are available in varied aspects in terms of price, productivity, maintenance efficiency and specific aspects of your products.  To get the absolute support for identifying, which is an ideal liquid filling machine for you, feel free to call us on Mobile: +91 98983 79009 Or Telephone: +91-79-2584 1701 / 40084325