To provide an absolute solution associated with filling high viscosity material, we as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of all types of liquid filling machine from India have designed and manufactured Gear Pump liquid Filling Machines by adopting vacuum pump technology, have a rigorous demand in broad industries for filling highly viscous products and products with particulates. The Gear Pump liquid Filling Machines boast one pump for each filling head synchronized with conveyor drive controlled by AC frequency drive, 12 inch stroke air cylinder along with magnetic sensors for adjusting nozzle and hand wheel plus shaft mounted stoppers to adjust the height and stroke during the filling operation. Gear Pump Liquid Filling Machine is ideal for filling plastic, glass and aluminum bottles.

To ensure anti rust, we utilize stainless steel that are contacting to the filling substance and to ensure defined filling we adhere to the GMP and ISO standards during fabrication of the Gear Pump liquid Filling Machines.

Customization option is available for Gear Pump liquid Filling Machine:-

Gear Pump liquid Filling Machine is an ideal choice for: Application area of Gear Pump liquid Filling Machine:
Dipping sauces
Peanut butter
Pharmaceutical industries
Food Industries
other allied industries

➣ Prominent features of Gear Pump liquid Filling Machines:

  • No bottle No filling system to prevent wastage
  • No change parts required to fill varied fill size
  • nozzles controlled pneumatically
  • pneumatically operated bottle stopper
  • adopted PLC controller advanced technology
  • available with 2,4,6 fill heads

➣ Technical parameter of Gear Pump liquid Filling Machines:

Machine Dimension 3600 x 1000 x 1800 mm
Height of Conveyor 860 to 910 mm
No. of Filling Head 2,4,6
Direction of Movement Left to Right
Fill Size 5 to 15 Liters
Maximum output for 5 ltr and 2 head 350 Can/hour
Power 2 HP / 415 / 3ph / 50 Hz

Note: Our broad range of filling machine is made in India by considering the diversified need of assorted industries, and is available in varied aspects in terms of price, productivity, maintenance efficiency and specific aspects from client side. To get the absolute support for indentifying, which is an ideal filling machine for you, feel free to call us on Mobile: +91 98983 79009 Or Telephone: +91-79-2584 1701 / 40084325